By George Cardenas


Is a clear brittle mineral formed in cubical crystals. it is formed by the union of sodium and chlorine, thence its name Sodium Chloride.  Its chemical formula is NaCi, and its mineral name is halite.


This mineral is essential for human life, its absence in the body causes death, but too much of it causes high blood pressure.


There are three main methods used to obtain it.  The solar method, boiling, and salt mine excavation.


Of all the salt obtained only 5% is used as a seasoning the rest is used in other industries.


Salt is extremely important for the chemical industry;  Which through research has found well over 14,000 uses for salt.


In ancient times salt was a very valuable commodity.  Human beings were sold for it, and wars fought over it.  Roman soldiers were at one time paid in salt, that is where we get the word salary.  It was also used in religious ceremonies.


In Palestine salt was obtained from the salt sea, which was located near the  cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Mount Sodom which is nearby rests upon a foundation of salt, over a thousand feet in depth.  Lot fled these cities warned by God of their destruction.  His wife tarried behind, and was caught in an avalanche of asphalt, slime and salt.  She died instantly and the heat quickly turned her into a pillar of salt.


God commanded in the sacrificial laws that every meat offering was to be offered with salt.  Any unsalted offering was unacceptable to God.


God made a covenant with Aaron and called it a covenant of salt. A covenant of salt was considered an inviolable agreement, by the eastern people.


Abimelech fought against the city of Sechem, and in order to punish the inhabitants, he soweth it with salt, thus making it an unusable land, for agriculture.


Elisha healed the bitter waters of Jericho by casting salt upon its spring.


When Ezra the priest returned with the exiles back to Jerusalem, the King Artaxerxes showed his generosity by giving as much salt as was needed for the sacrifices in Jerusalem.


Christ said that salt was good, but that if it lost its flavor, then it was good for nothing.  He also told his disciples that they are to be the salt of the earth.


Paul told us to let our speech be seasoned with salt. a picturesque way of saying that our speech should be graceful.


The apostle James used it in a different way. He told us that a fountain can not yield both salt water and fresh.  this is another way of saying that out of our mouth there should not proceed both blessing and cursing.


Salt is so common and looks so uninteresting, that most of us take this marvelous mineral for granted, but let us take a moment of our time and learn from it.


I exhort all Christians to  continue being the salt of the earth. And to take care not to lose their flavor.