By George Card


This country is situated in the African continent. It is a semi-deserted area, except for the area around the Nile river.


The beginning of the Egyptian civilization go back to remote history.  It was first inhabited by the descendants of Ham.  On 3100 BC King Menes united the upper and the lower Egypt, thus beginning its known history.  Egypt has a very rich history, Its early history is divided according to the ruling dynasties.


Their writing was a script called hieroglyphics. They invented the 365 day calendar, and their great pyramids are known worldwide. Their kings were called pharaohs.


Abram went down to Egypt around 1920 BC, when a famine struck the land of Canaan. By this time it was already an advanced civilization, under Amenemhet II(?)


Joseph went there in his youth as a slave, and became its prime minister.  When a famine hit hard the land of Canaan, he brought his father Israel with all his descendants into the land of Goshen.


The Israelites remained there for 430 years. During their stay they became slaves of the Egyptians.  The Pharaoh fearing them as potential enemies, sought to destroy their offspring.


God sent Moses to free them from slavery.  After many signs and wonders, the pharaoh let them go.


The Israelites settled in lands under the influence of Egypt, which constantly intruded upon the affairs of the Israelites and all Palestine.


Solomon whose kingdom extended unto the border of Egypt married Pharaoh's daughter, and established commercial relations between them. Five years after the split of Solomon's kingdom, King Shishak (Sheshonk I) came up and took the treasure of the temple.


When Pharaohnecho (Necho) went up against the King of Babylon, Josiah tried to stop him, and was slain by Necho, who put Jehoikiam over the throne of Judah and forced him to pay tribute.


When the Babylonians conquered the land, Egypt lost all influence over the region.


Egypt was known as a sanctuary place, so when rebellion broke out against the Chaldeans, many Israelites went there, disobeying the Prophet Jeremiah orders to stay in Israel.


Egypt was conquered by the Persians in 525 BC, and later on by Alexander the Great, and also by the Romans.


When Herod sought to destroy the child Jesus, Joseph fled into Egypt and remained there until the tyrant's death.


God promised to punish Egypt by making it a base kingdom, and that no prince would come again out of Egypt. But he also promised that Egypt would be part of his people in some future time.


Egypt is now a dim shadow of its past splendor, and no Pharaoh has risen in centuries.


Only a few Christians live there, But perhaps a great revival will come, thus fulfilling the other prophecy.  Egypt has been typified as sin. Where the Christian was before he became a believer.