Everybody eventually has some kind of sale, be it garage sale, yard sale, state sale or a lemonade stand. Why not give some Christian tracts and play some gospel music, whenever you have one of these sales. This is an informal way to reach those bargain hunters. Salvation is the best bargain ever not only is it invaluable but it is also free.


I used to go to a swap meet where a Christian family played Christian Music, and passed out flyers, those people really cared about souls, they cared not that some people mocked them or made fun of them. Yes they made money with the trinkets that they sold, but their main business was winning souls.


I donated many old clothes and dishes for church sales, the church made a little extra money, but it also helped to make friends with shoppers. A mixed tape or CD of music with some scriptural messages thrown in between songs is appropriate.


By George Card