Halloween is coming, this day is a day which many Christians consider the devil's holiday. But the reality is that no day belongs to the devil. Every day of the year belongs to God. Christians need to rise up and take away this day from Satan, he doesn’t deserve any day.


Let us not hide during this day, instead let us come out and distribute Christian literature. During this day there are plenty of people on the streets. Also this is the only time of the year when you could have tens of visitors willingly coming to your door, what a marvelous opportunity to evangelize the lost and turn the tables on Satan. What he means for evil, we can turn into good.


Create an alternative event for church members and neighbors, maybe a harvest celebration or some other event to replace the usual macabre aspect of that day. Let people celebrate God in that day, by taking the focus away from that which is unwholesome and replacing it with something positive and pleasing to God.


Plan on how to distribute many gospel tracts to children and prepare on how to tell the trick o treaters about the best treat in the world, Jesus Christ, the only one who won't trick them.


By George Card