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Before presenting our case, I would like to stop for a few moments to give thanks to those individuals who have helped to make this appendix possible and to give some general information regarding the content of this appendix.


Acknowledgments: Our ministry is deeply indebted to the following individuals for their comments and contributions to The Holy Apostolic Bible. Great thanks to the Lawyer Standford Rives for his deep dedication to the Gospel of Matthew, his firm standing up for truth and his encouragement of our work. Thanks also to Ministers; George Cavaness, William J. Chamberlin, Robert Lee Williams, Emmanuel Kuta, Bradford B. Taliaferro and Michael Mosley for their kind words toward our ministry.


Special Recognition: The Bible says to give honor to whom honor is due, I would like to do a special mention for Grzegorz Kaszyński of Poland who deserves a huge round of applause for his superb research into the Holy Name of Jesus. When people were beginning to attack The Holy Apostolic Bible, Grzegorz appeared like an Angel sent from the Lord and provided us with information that we did not know existed and gave us also encouragement. He then reviewed our work and made many needed corrections and insightful comments; thanks to his assistance our work is many times better. May the great YHWH bless him all the days of his life for all his labor and many contributions to the glory of the great name, for he is a person who truly loves the most holy name. Thank you most dear friend.

Also special recognition and thanks to Dr. Clinton Willis, who working in collaboration with Dr. Marvin M. Arnold and Elder William Connor (both now rest in peace), were early pioneers of this same message that we preach and who has given us encouragement for our mission. We are grateful for these brave intellectual giants who preached baptism in the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ and saw the truth about Matthew 28:19 and against much bitter persecution and hateful opposition they persevered in denouncing such interpolation many years ago.


Bibliography note: Our ministry has in its possession copies of many (not all) of the books mentioned in this appendix, some of them are out of print and are only available in digital files, others are reference books that are not allowed to be check out, but can be found in libraries in Los Angeles, California. Searching in those dusty libraries, I have found some very interesting books and I have also learned that not everything is on the Internet. I also went to the trouble of getting all the Ante-Nicene, Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers writings, (talk about mental torture) that way any quotations of the Post-Apostolic fathers are straight from their ancient writings. I also received digital copies of books sent to me from Europe. Some of these rare books are only available in museums, but they often allow people to make copies of a few pages.


Disclaimer: Extensive research was done for this appendix and this ministry believes the sources where the information and quotations came from were reliable. This ministry attempted but sometimes was not able to confirm the validity of all the information and quotations. Please bring any mistaken information and quotes or other mistakes to our attention; please send us the correct information or quote and the source, so that it can be corrected in future revisions.


Corrections: Whenever needed corrections have been made to this appendix and will still be done in the future. The veracity of the information in this appendix is very important to us and that is why we have tried as much as possible to get the information from the actual book sources. Unfortunately some books were poorly researched; and have incorrect historical dates or some other incorrect information and sometimes statements are made without any evidence. Also sometimes there are later editions of a book with a different publication date with some changes or revisions of the original text; so keep that in mind if you find a book with different information and please inform us so that we can make any corrections.


Additions: This ministry is still continually researching this issue and keeps on finding new information in obscure ancient texts and that new information gets added to this appendix. Sometimes new information was found that supported our cause, but because we could not corroborate it, we often did not include it in this appendix. We have tried to add content from what we consider are reliable sources however that does not mean that the additions are always correct.


Translations: Some of the books I got the information from are only available in a different foreign language. I must confess that my German is poor and with great difficulty I translated a few German citations, whenever I translated from German I made the following mark (G). I also stink at French and marked those with an (F), so I translated those citations as best as I could. I do not know Latin so I translated those citations using an Internet program and marked those with an (L).

So if anyone translates those citations better than me, please do so and send me those translations, our ministry thanks you in advance. However I am a lot better at Spanish, whenever I translated from Spanish I made the following mark (S).


Changes: This appendix has gone thru numerous changes, and will probably go thru more in the future. It begun as a few simple text files, that have been updated as we could; then we moved on to Word format and many more updates. One of the latest changes was the separation of this Appendix from The Holy Apostolic Bible (HAB). Sometimes we found better words to explain our message; insightful information; or thought of some other useful information, so we made what we felt were necessary changes.  We want to provide a message that is clear and informative and that is why we have made changes in our wording, but our goal has remain the same that we begun with.


About the arguments: The arguments presented in this appendix are not all mine. Yes some scholars and theologians had doubts about the authenticity of Matthew 28:19 and some people had written about this issue before, but since this is a topic that is obscure, there wasn’t much material available when I began my research. First I took and expanded further the arguments that others had made to make their arguments even stronger. After using what little information was available, I then had to think of different ways to present my case with my own arguments. Some of my arguments were developed from seed ideas of other writers and later as I did more deep research I sometimes found out that others had developed a similar argument to mine own, so I combined their work with mine to make it better. I would estimate that about 40% of the material in here I got from many different sources, but the other 60% of the material is my own research and original developed arguments.


Caution: My research has taken me across books written by people in many centuries, denominations and religious organizations and even some writers that were enemies of Christianity, however by citing from them I am in no way endorsing the views of those books, their writers or their organizations. My quotations should not be taken as my agreement with all the ideas or doctrines expressed by such books or writers. I only cited them for the information they provide regarding the subject at hand or to clarify some related theme. I have cited only that which was necessary to prove certain points and in no way should this be taken as any form of my agreement with all their ideas or sentiments expressed.


The reasons this Appendix was written: The main reasons this appendix was written was to answer many of the objections raised about this textual change and to defend baptism in the name of Jesus. I believe the knowledge of this truth is so crucial that I have dedicated many years of my life to the research of Matthew 28:19. I have spent countless hours reading and researching ancient and modern books on the subject of baptism, and related biblical subjects. I am fully convinced that the majority of the Christians do not know the truth about baptism in the name of Jesus, because this truth has been hidden for centuries because early on someone substituted the original phrase in Matthew 28:19 which said “in my Name” with the phrase “in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”, most likely in support of a doctrinal stance.

Some will say that our ministry is wrong, but I am going to make the claim that those who may say those things cannot prove it. How can I say that? Well, with the current ancient Bible manuscripts that are available, I cannot prove 100% that our claim is right but neither can anyone prove that it is wrong. The reason is because the oldest manuscript that has the traditional text is the Codex Vaticanus which dates from 325-350 AD, and there are no existing texts of Matthew 28:19 earlier than that, none so far have been discovered yet. We can only go by the evidence and as I see it all the evidence is actually strongly in our favor.

As this ministry will demonstrate there is plenty and a strong amount of evidence that the traditional ending of Matthew 28:19 “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:” was never a part of the original rendering of Matthew 28:19.  Of course I do not expect people to be gullible and simply accept this assertion. This ministry has over the years accumulated plenty of evidence to make our case and will present such evidence in here. Our whole aim is to convince reasonable people that the original ending of Matthew 28:19 was “in my name”, which means the name of Jesus, of course unreasonable people will never be convinced no matter how much evidence we present . (Hey there are still people who insist the earth is flat) Our ministry loves the name of Jesus and wants to see his name exalted and glorified and that is why we have restored to where it actually belongs and did stood at one time.


Some may I ask why I am putting my hand into a hornet’s nest? Why am I exposing myself and our ministry to attacks, ridicule and humiliation? Well my answer to that; is that because that text is not true. To say that Jesus said something that he did not say is a lie. Jesus is the truth and there is no lie in him. When a Christian says that Jesus said something Jesus did not actually say; all that such a person is doing, is repeating and perpetuating a lie. It is a lie that has been believed and spoken by many godly people who were ignorant of its actual origin. Our ministry completely without a doubt does not believe that Jesus ever uttered the phrase “in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost” and in this appendix I will present the evidence to prove this assertion. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).

There have been other Christians who have also discovered the truth about Matthew 28:19, but most have preferred to keep quiet, for their own reasons. I too could have done the same thing as others have done and have kept quiet, ignore, compromise or simply work around the traditional phrase like some others have done. But avoiding the issue is not the correct way to address this issue. It does not matter how others attempt to reconcile or explain this scripture or even if they can still teach baptism in the name of Jesus from it, it is still a lie. The only way a lie goes away is by exposing it as the lie it is and without any reservation whatsoever I say that it is a lie that Jesus ever said “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:”


I began researching this specific issue from before 1999, and have continued researching it even after we published our first printed edition of The Holy Apostolic New Testament in February 2013. Due to the increased in information from our research, the appendix grew so big that we had to remove it from The Holy Apostolic New Testament and publish it as a separate file. In all these years nothing that we have encountered has made us waiver from our stance.

As the years pass new information appears or is discovered that supports our cause. In 1945 the Nag Hammadi library which contains numerous references to baptism in the name of Jesus was discovered. In 1970 the Gospel of Judas was discovered which mentions baptism in the name of Jesus.

In 1987 The Shem Tov Hebrew Gospel of Matthew was published which has a different commission ending. In 1993 Saint Ephrem Commentary on the Diatessaron was published, which contains a different great commission. So we are quite hopeful that more supporting texts for our position will be discovered eventually.

For the love of his name we have labored for years and will endure withering criticism and vicious verbal attacks, but we will not deny his holy mighty name and will reaffirm and insist that it is the phrase “in my name” (The name of Jesus) that belongs in Matthew 28:19 and not the Traditional formula. And we are quite confident that as the years pass by we will eventually accumulate so much evidence that the majority of Christendom will become convinced of our position.


Texts Errors: There might someone who discovers an error or more than one in my writings, Oh well, first of all I have never claimed to be perfect, that my writings are divine or are somehow specially anointed. Actually I would be quite surprised if there were no errors in my writings, however I have tried to minimize this problem by being careful in my research. However my aim is not to produce flawless writing, but to provide plenty of evidence to make a convincing case. If some of the evidence is wrong, no problem we will simply delete it, if a few of my arguments are flawed or incorrect that still does not automatically make all of my case invalid.


About the author: Who am I? Well I am a simple nobody, I have no higher education. I barely can speak English properly. I have no wealth nor am I famous. I have no connections of any kind. I have zero influence, I have no power whatsoever, basically I am a total unknown; for all intents and purposes I am a zero to the left. I work for a living; I am a simple family man.

In the matter of religion, I have no theological degrees, neither do I claim any great spiritual power, I do not assert to have any visitations from an Angel, nor a special apparition by Jesus Christ or any sort of heavenly voice speaking to me, nor any divine dream guiding me, I make no supernatural claim of any kind.

I was a sinner raised outside the church; who had very little knowledge of the Bible or of God and cared not for religious issues for they did not matter to me at all. But one day, many years ago I was saved by grace; I then took the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ in baptism. I still struggle and fall in my walk with the Lord, but the Lord lifts me up.

Brothers and sisters, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. (Yep that is me, a man with zero power, foolishly challenging the strongest traditional phrase of Christendom, that guy Don Quixote got nothing on me.)

According to most Christians, I am a brainwashed and deluded cultist, because I love the name of my Lord Jesus Christ and preach baptism in his holy wonderful name. I am despised and rejected by most of Christendom, because of his glorious name. However I have studied for years the scriptures and I strongly believe that what I write in here is the truth.

In this file we provide plenty of evidence for our case, however we are continually researching and finding new information on this issue and when we have enough content we update our book The Original Matthew 28:19 Restored which is sold in Amazon.com or you can also order it by visiting our web site www.Apostolic-Bible.com.


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